Easter Bunny 2,4,6,8 boxes

Not only are these adorable little boxes super charming, they are also super simple to make!


Just grab a nice piece of 12×12 DSP and trim at 8 and a 1/4 inches and at 6 inches (this means you can get two out of one piece of paper- why not make one from the pattern from each side?) Then score your paper (on the side that will be the inside of the box) at 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches on the long side, and at 2 inches on the short side, and cut up to the 2 inch mark from the bottom (completely remove that flap of paper from the 1/4 inch section).

Next punch a hole for your window! We’ve used the ‘Lovely Lable’ punch, which then uses about 1 1/4in of window sheet. Cut your window sheet to fit and pop a glue dot on each corner, then attach it over the hole. Then make your little bunnies with two different sized punches, and cut the ears (you can put it back in the punch to cut, bit I did it by hand) from a larger circle, before attaching a pearl as a little cotton tail!


Finally to assemble the box, put some double sided tape onto the 1/4 in flap and join it up, then stick the bottom flaps to each other to make the base, fill with eggs and thread some ribbon through the top to keep it closed! If you prefer to have more visual instructions, we found the idea thanks to this video here.

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