Fold-Out Album tutorial

We were given this super adorable album from team-member Elizabeth almost a year ago, and have been completely in love with it!

album- pinterest

For this project you will need-


  • Two 5.5×5.5″ squares of Designer Series Paper (DSP) (We’ve used Sweet Li’l Things)
  • Two 4.5×4.5″ pieces of a fairly rigid card (we’ve used the packing that protects some of the thinner papers, but any card that doesn’t bend easily should work)
  • three pieces of a4 of cardstock, trimmed to 8.25×8.25″ (we’ve used Very Vanilla)
  • A length of ribbon, 20″ or so ( we’ve used Hello Honey, which you can pick up on the clearance rack at the moment!)
  • adhesive (Fastfuse will give a good stong finish)
  • Simply Scored scoring tool, or other scoring method

If you want to decorate each section inside, you’ll also need-

  • 6 squares of 4×4″ DSP
  •  A further 12 squares of 4×4″ DSP cut into triangles

(on the right of the picture above, but not necessary to complete the project)


To make your covers, place adhesive around the edges of your rigid card, and the edges of your designer series paper, and place the card in the centre of your … square of paper. Trim the corners, and fold the extra paper over the side of the cardboard. Do for both.

DSCF4066 DSCF4068 DSCF4069

To make the ‘pages’ for your album take each of your … pieces of card and score down the centre, both ways. Next you will need to score diagonally once. (If you have the diagonal scoring plate, note that you might need to start one notch in to get the line perfectly in the middle, or we found starting from the bottom can help. If using a trimmer with a score attachment, it can be lined up by hand)

DSCF4061 DSCF4062

Once each piece has three score lines (in half both ways, and once on the diagonal) Fold your halfway marks inwards (valley fold), and your diagonal score outwards (mountain fold)


Take two of your 3 scored squares, and place so the unscored sections touch each other at the tips, diagonal mountain fold up.


Take your third square and flip it so that the mountain fold is now down.

Place the two unscored sections of this square, over the two facing up on the other pieces, and adhere with a strong adhesive.


Your album page should now fold in on itself.  (you may wish to check this before adhering)


next, take your two covers and attach the ribbon- cut in half or just along the back of the cardstock- to the underside of one of the cover cards


Add a strong adhesive to the outside of your album pages, and carefully place it in the centre of one of your covers (if your cover has a directional pattern, you may want to test it opens the way you want before adhering)


Now the tricky bit- add the other cover! (make sure it’s up the same way!)


Voila- tie the bow and add a sentiment and you are done!

DSCF4082 DSCF4086logo

If you wish to decorate the inside pages, simply take the small 4×4″ square and triangles you have cut and arrange them to your liking before adhering to the pages of the album.

DSCF4083 DSCF4084

Otherwise you may like to just use photos!

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