A Christmas Hop

Hello from Rebekah, and thanks for joining me for the ESAD Holiday Catalogue Favourite Products blog hop!

If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m a terrible hoarder, and this goes double for all the beautiful Designer Series Papers Stampin’ Up! puts out~

So this year I’ve challenged myself to use all my lovely pack of ‘Candycane Lane‘ Paper. (although I did cheat, and also have a spare pack- it’s just too pretty!!)


These itty bitty cards are great for using up small pieces of leftover paper (I just can’t throw it away!) and are 2 3/4″ square.


The box itself has a 3″ base, and the sides are 1″ high, decorated using the fun ‘Festive Flower‘ punch with was a caryover item for this year (and is on special at the moment!).


Now hop on off and see what delights are in store at Rebecca Jacovous blog!

1. Lou Kitzelman
2. Kelly Kent
3. Chloe Evans
4. Jackie Noble
5. Josie Dean
6. Libby Dyson
7. Rebekah Crisp
8. Rebecca Jacovou
9. Andrea Buckland
10. Leonie Schroder
11. Delys Cram
12. Rose Desmond
13. Cathy Pinchbeck
14. Peta Stephen
15. Monique Fielder
16. Narelle Fasulo
17. Nerida Carter
18. Courtenay Heuston
19. Megan Lenske
20. Carly Middleton

  1. Nicole Wilson
  2. Renee Lynch
  3. Nicole Osborne Ashton
  4.  Amity Knight
  5.  Rachael Lewsley
  6.  Cheryl O’Bree
  7. Tanya DeRoy
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12 Responses to A Christmas Hop

  1. From one paper hoarder to another…..I love your cute cards and box. Thanks for hopping with us.

  2. what a gorgeous project .. thanks for Sharing

  3. Megan says:

    What a cute set, love your flower!

  4. libbydyson says:

    Love the box and your card is so very cute. Thanks for participating in the hop

  5. Cathy Pinchbeck says:

    Love you projects. You and I have the same goal. Use an entire pack of Candy Can Lane DSP.

  6. Gorgeous box. I love that the flower and band form the box lid. So cute

  7. delidoodles says:

    gorgeous and YAY another hoarder…..hoard on my friend xox

  8. Josie Dean says:

    Hello my name is Josie and I’m a paper hoarder too! Great ideas!

  9. Narelle Fasulo says:

    Great projects. Love how you use the small scraps. I am definitely a paper hoarder too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelly Kent says:

    Well done on cutting up your DSP!!! The cards look fantastic – much better than just the DSP in a pack!!! Kelly x

  11. cute sets and happy chopping. Just buy more I say – that’s my excuse anyway.

  12. creativejaxnz says:

    Go you for cutting that DSP Rebekah! #loveitchopit What a fabulous box of cards you’ve created!

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