Place an order

Order online-

Simply click here to visit my store, add what you’d like to your cart and pay with your credit card! (If it’s your first time you will have to sign up first) You’ll get the discounted price by ordering through me and your lovely new purchase will be shipped right to your door!

(postage is $5.95 or 5%)

Order directly-

You can contact me to place your order directly, and if it is over $300 you’ll also qualify for the hostess benefits! I’ll confirm the order with you and discuss payment options, before having them shipped directly to you!

(postage is $5.95 or 5%)

Order at a workshop-

If you’re attending or hosting a workshop it’s the easiest thing to browse through the catalogue there and order what you want right away, then the hostess will deliver your goodies to you when they arrive.

(postage for orders at a workshop is 5%)

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